If something I own is not in my direct line of sight, it's likely that I won't remember it exists; this is a common excuse I use for why my apartment is never particularly tidy ("I need to see everything, all at once!"). This also might be why I love the look of this Grid System by Ying Chang, where what you pile in is visible through the geometric cage mass.

So, you've got your base metal frame; you've got all shapes and sizes of industrial lattice boxes; you put them together in whatever way works best for the personal junk you've got to store, and the whole thing becomes a sculptural jail for your office supplies and assorted bits and bobs.


It's certainly got more storage than a standard four-legs-and-a-flat-surface desk, with the added bonus of being able to shift things around whenever the mood strikes—or when you desperately need to add a new cubby.

Plus, she's created a series of solid attachments that will keep the little stuff from falling through the cracks.


Once full-up, it's a cool mish-mash featuring pops of color and precious things. Yes, there is a good chance this would end up looking like a unkempt disaster area, with important papers and pen sets forever trying to escape. But! I still think it's brilliant. [Ur Design]