As the weather gets nicer, it’s time to finally pause The Force Awakens and head outside for some fresh air and sunshine. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon Star Wars altogether. Not when ThinkGeek’s just revealed a wonderful kite collection full of X-Wings, Death Stars, and Droids.

These aren’t your dollar store plastic kites, either. They’re $40 each, and are made with nylon sail material with a fiberglass frame so they should be able to easily withstand a blustery day, or attacks from Rebel forces.

At 52-inches tall the X-Wing is the largest of the lot, and according to ThinkGeek it’s also the trickiest to fly. So if you’re a kiting novice, it might be a better idea to take the Death Star or R2-D2 for a spin first. But if you’re some pod-racing child prodigy, then by all means go for the X-Wing before you turn to the dark side.



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