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You Can Jailbreak Your Apple TV Now, Too

Illustration for article titled You Can Jailbreak Your Apple TV Now, Too

Along with being able to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you can jailbreak the Apple TV now too. It's the first untethered jailbreak for the new Apple TV software (5.0.1) and it's all thanks to Seas0nPass. Why would you jailbreak your Apple TV though? For the plugins!


According to Seas0nPass, you can add these plugins to your Apple TV:

  • Couch Surfer
  • Maintenance
  • Media Player
  • NitoTV
  • Plex
  • RSS Feeds
  • Rowmote
  • Weather
  • XBMC

Overflow and Remote HD aren't working yet and as of right now, Seas0nPass does not work with the third-generation Apple TV (the 1080p one). But if you have a second-generation Apple TV, jailbreaking is free so have at it here. [Firecore via Cult of Mac]

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If I jailbreak my 2nd Gen Apple TV, will it still function like it does now, just with added capabilities, or will I lose the ability to connect it to my iTunes to stream movies?