You Can Light Yourself on Fire If You Apply Sunscreen Right Next to Your Grill

Wear sunscreen. Slather it on. SPF 200 if you need it. But do not, in any circumstances, immediately walk over to an open flame, lest you want to end up like Brett Sigworth, who actually caught fire after putting it on because he got to close to his grill.

Brett's freshly-applied Banana Boat aerosol sport spray lotion ignited, causing him to suffer second-degree burns. Aerosol, by the way, is flammable, according to common sense. Maybe Brett shouldn't have been so eager to flip his burgers, and he should have waited a few minutes for the stuff to fully absorb into his skin. The good news is he's going to be ok. But think of it like putting on sunscreen right before you get in the pool—if you jump in right away, it's going to wash off. And in the case of playing with fire post-application, you might literally get burned. [ABC News]


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