You Can Now Buy but Definitely Can't Afford LG's $89,000 Rollable OLED

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Love 2 be inconceivably rich.
Love 2 be inconceivably rich.
Image: LG/YouTube

LG’s magical rolling OLED is now available for purchase in the U.S. But reader, I’m very sorry to warn in advance that you really, really cannot afford this TV.

As spotted by HD Guru, LG appears to have quietly listed its OLED R television with an “inquire to buy” button on its product page. The screen officially went on sale last year in South Korea for 100 million won, which converts to about $89,000 USD. Yes, that is nearly $100,000 for a single TV. No, I am unable to help you conceptualize the amount of money someone would need to have to feel this purchase was even remotely justifiable.

Reached for comment about current pricing—as if any kind of a discount actually matters at all here—a spokesperson for LG would say only that the company has not officially announced pricing and availability of the Signature R OLED, but added that information should become available later in the second quarter.

Should LG’s Signature R OLED retail for around its listing price in South Korea, that would have it at over four times the cost of another LG dream TV you cannot afford: LG’s Signature OLED 8K ZX. That screen produces a picture so real (and so large) that while reviewing it, I felt like I could reach out and touch the picture in front of me.


But the OLED R, which originally debuted a couple of years ago, does something that even the enormous and gorgeous 8K OLED cannot: It rolls, baby. Basically, you go from having a minimalist coffee table-looking structure in your home to a big ass TV in minutes. It’s a nearly perfect design, though one that—as appropriately depicted by the extremely rich-looking models in its promotional materials—us plebs cannot and will not be able to afford, no matter how steeply the display is discounted.

Catch me in 2040 when premium rollable TVs are a thing any of us can even entertain one day buying. Until then, dream on.