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If you've always wanted to comment on Gizmodo but didn't want to sign up for yet another login, now you can comment using your Facebook account. Here's how.


First, go to any post that you want to comment in. Then, click the Facebook Connect button, enter your login and you're done. Your username will have a little Facebook 'F' logo so people will know you're a FB user as well.

The rules for commenting haven't changed, and you should familiarize yourself with our rules for commenting as well as Lifehacker's rules for commenting and io9's rules for commenting. Basically, no personal attacks, keep off topic stuff to a MINIMUM, no "First/Lame/How is this news/How is this a gadget", and no trolling. Use your best judgment; if you think something is going to get you banned or disemvoweled, it probably is. We're not going to be more lenient because you're on Facebook, and a dumb comment is still a dumb comment. But for people who want to share their Facebook identity with the rest of the commenters on Giz, this is an easy way to do so.

Thanks to Lifehacker!


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