You Can Now Download Cortana for Android and iOS

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Every mobile operating system comes with its own digital assistant. iOS has Siri, Android has Google Now, and Windows phone has Cortana. But now, Microsoft is giving all smartphone users some choice, now that Cortana has escaped (the sinking ship that is) the Windows phone and officially migrated to Android, iOS and also Cyanogen.


Cortana has been in beta on both Android and iOS for a couple months now, but now you can head over to Google Play or the iTunes Store and download official versions to supplant your current digital assistant. Why exactly would you want to do this? Well, if you’re already working on a Windows 10 laptop, which isn’t such a bad idea nowadays, Cortana offers extra functionality, like notifications on your PC when you miss a call on your Android phone that’s additionally equipped with Cortana (pictured above on far left).

It may not be feature rich enough to kick your native digital assistant to the curb just yet, but it’s another step forward in Microsoft’s plan to slowly own the software side of your smartphone.

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Bought a Windows Phone. Love it, but was bummed to learn my version of Cortana was not “always on”. In short, no “Hey, Cortana” for me.