You Can Now Get Your Waze Directions Directly From The Terminator

Whether you’re casually avoiding T-1000s in the San Fernando Valley or involved in a high-speed chase in the bed of the LA River, your navigation can now be voiced by a Terminator Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, thanks to Terminator Genisys’ new partnership with Waze. And yes, it’s really Arnold telling you where to go.


In a new option to promote the film which is available on the app today, the former California governor provides voiceover for Waze directions. Drivers who use the navigation system will be treated to customized Terminator-isms like: “I’m looking for Sarah Connor, bur I’ll get you to your destination first.”

The irony of a cyborg ordering a human around in a car was not lost on Schwarzenegger:

“In 1984, when we did (the first) Terminator, we talked about the world being run by machines. It was science fiction then. Now you have machines telling you where to drive.”

I mean if you think about it the entire plot of Terminator 2 was about getting out of LA as fast as possible without seeing any cops, so it’s perfect for Waze.

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