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You Can Now Stream Many of Your DVDs From iTunes in the Cloud

Illustration for article titled You Can Now Stream Many of Your DVDs From iTunes in the Cloud

In the wake of the new Apple TV announcement on Wednesday, some users discovered that you'll be able to stream movies from iTunes in the Cloud even if you didn't buy them from iTunes.


The new update, which was first noticed by Tech of the Hub, improves iTunes in the Cloud by letting you add some of the content you import using iTunes Digital Copy. Most new DVD and Blu-ray movies come with discs that allow you to import the discs into iTunes so that you can watch them on your computer or iOS device. With the new iTunes in the Cloud changes, you'll be able to stream these movies on all your devices as well. The only catch is that iTunes in the Cloud will only store movies that are available for sale from iTunes, which makes sense, because iTunes Digital Copy. [Tech of the Hub via Wired via MacRumors]

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What if they're expired? I've found that most digital copies are only good for a few months after the movie comes out, so if you buy a movie new at the store that advertises that it includes a digital copy but the movie's been out for six months, there's a good chance that your digital copy is expired already and you're just out of luck. Then it won't even let you redownload your movie after the deadline even if you claimed it once before it expired. Does iTunes Cloud fix any of that nonsense?