You Can Watch The Godfather on YouTube for Free (Update: No You Can't)

If you ask any red-blooded male (or hell, blue-blooded too) what their favorite movie is, I bet you anyone with half a brain will say The Godfather. Amazingly, Francis Ford Coppola's entire masterpiece is now on YouTube for free.


I love the video description:

The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.

I now know how I'm going to spend the next 3 hours at work. Interesting side nugget: the video was uploaded by SonyPicturesUK which is a little weird because The Godfather was a Paramount Pictures flick. I don't really care what that means (maybe international distribution or something?) because THE GODFATHER. DON CORLEONE. MICHAEL! ON YOUTUBE. FOR FREE. [YouTube via The Next Web]

Update: Well, it looks like The Godfather was uploaded illegally by a fake account. Which means YouTube has since killed 'SonyPicturesUK' (after pulling the gun from the toilet or something like that). I'm sad now.

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I'm one of the minority who just doesn't get the appeal of this movie. I have seen bits and pieces when it is on bravo or a&e but I sat down one evening to watch it and couldn't get more than 10 minutes in to it.

It's not the mafia angle. I enjoy goodfellas, bronx tale, casino. Maybe I tried watching this movie too late and it just looks dated to me. I dunno.

Am I the only one though?