You too can own a Dalek for $5000

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The BBC Props Department's selling built-to-order, life-size Daleks, and hilariously enough, the manufacturer has a special disclaimer imploring buyers not to attempt to ride inside them. Sadly, each Dalek's £3,000 a pop ($4890). Extermination comes at a price.

Warns Firebox:

The arms are mounted on ball joints, allowing them to be moved – or wiggled in rage, as was more common. The plunger arm can be extended in and out and the iconic dome can be rotated 360°. What's more, inset casters in the base let you move it around with ease. But we know what you really want to ask – can I ride in it?

And the answer is – no! Unfortunately. This faithful replica is built in exactly the same way as the ones appearing on TV. Which means they're not made for driving to the shops.


[Via Technabob]