You Too Can Own John Connor's Robot-Stomping Boots

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Are you trying lead a resistance against a race of homicidal machines? Well, you need the proper footwear. When John Conner stomps Terminator faces, he wears the Oakley S.I. Assault Boots.


For a cool $185 you too can wear the boots Connor sports in Terminator Salvation. The S.I. Assault boot features prime urethane shock absorption, a moisture-wicking liner and a vulcanized rubber sole for wet/dry traction and silent movement. But really the best feature is that it'll still look good in 2018, which is more than you can say for most of your clothes. [Oakley via Uncrate]


Hello Mister Walrus

What explanation do they propose for the existence of brand-name clothing in the apocalyptic future? Or is John Connor wearing 15-year-old boots? So the terminators make the Windows sound when they boot up? So many questions, so many unanswered opportunities for product placement...