You Won't Be Able To Tether An iPad To An iPhone [Update: Not AT&T's Fault?]

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What's going on here? First we get iPhone tethering option, but to use them we have to give up unlimited data plans. Now we're told that we can't tether our iPads to our iPhones even if we do that?

According to TechFlash, this is what's going on:

[A]n AT&T spokeswoman told us via email today that it won't be possible to tether the iPhone to the iPad to share Internet access with the Apple slate, citing the fact that the iPad doesn't have any USB ports to enable a wired connection between the devices.


It's odd that the spokeswoman decided to specifically cite the impossibility of a wired connection when based on the iPhone 4.0 beta menus, iPhone tethering will be done through either USB or Bluetooth. So, does that mean that AT&T will somehow block our iPads from taking advantage of the Bluetooth tethering option? [Tech Flash]

Update 1: Looks like AT&T doesn't want to take the blame for this one. This is what we were told:

You'll need to speak with Apple. There is no AT&T policy around tethering and the iPad.

Update 2: Some clarification added regarding TechFlash's quote and AT&T's response.

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USB or Bluetooth? Is that a joke? Doesn't everything under the sun connect to the internet through WiFi? Doesn't most of their competition offer WiFi hotspot tethering now? Why even waste their time with Bluetooth? I'm not sure if I even own a single device that's able to connect to the internet over Bluetooth, and USB is limited to desktop computers only.