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You'd Never Have to Reach for Anything Placed on This Living Robotic Table

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you happened to be in Tokyo, Japan, this past weekend, you might had a chance to check out the 2017 International Robot Exhibition, where companies demonstrate cutting-edge robotics by having them perform pointless tasks. I, for one, could watch this magical living table roll soccer balls around all day long.


The table, which was built by a company called Intelligent Actuator to show off its products, is reminiscent of the interactive pin table created by MIT’s Tangible Media Group that can also move and manipulate objects. It’s a neat tech demo that makes me excited for a future where I’ll never have to upset a fellow diner by asking them to pass me the salt while they’re engrossed in their smartphone—the table can just send it my way automatically.

[Twitter/Hirotaka Niisato]