Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime In Nolan's Offical Inception Trailer

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Damn you, Christopher Nolan, and your infernal ability to hook us on your new movie with mere water and a pair of ceiling fighting suits. So what does the trailer mean by "your mind is the crime scene?"

The official synopsis is as vague as the trailer...

A CEO-type becomes involved in a blackmailing scandal.

But we do know that Leo is the CEO and his villain is Ken Watanabe, who is pretty fantastic in just about everything, but not as great as that spinning top! What the heck does it all mean? And please let these hallway fights stay clear from Matrix territory.


Eating Class points out that water seems to be a pretty pivotal part of this film as it's in just about every scene, even the one with the top. Also in the fight scenes with Joseph Gordon-Levitt prancing about, "people are subject to their environments, not the other way around." Check out the site for a full breakdown.

Also, the film now has an official website: InceptionMovie.