Your Mom Might Be Having Sex and Using Her iPhone at the Same Time

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Oh no, here comes a statistic that's going to nauseate you a little—watch out: a new study says a larger than expected percentage of moms are using their smartphones. While having sex. Smartphones! Moms! Sex! Oh no! No!

The report, compiled by Parents magazine, brings us the terrifying number: 12 percent of our moms are having sex and using a smartphone at the same time. Are they stopping to answer a call? Scanning a QR code? Taking a picture of something? Something. Texting you? There's no way to know. All we can conclude is that there's a penis inside your mother and a handset in her grasp—the rest is up to our self-torturing imaginations. But, hey, grow up—this is proof moms are getting cooler. Maybe even your mom. Probably your mom.


Are you a mom with a smartphone? Do you have sex while using it? Let me know. [AdAge]