What good is a Gmail account if you love crispy fried chicken and can also have a customized @CrownFriedChicken address? Because if you consider yourself a member of the Crown Fried Chicken Family (and even if you don't think you are, you totally definitely are), you can soon have your own email address proclaiming that you belong to House Crown. Seriously. Seriously.

I'm thinking of going with something formal, just to keep it professional. Like, for example, LeslieKHorn@CrownFriedChicken.com. Or HornLeslie@CrownFriedChicken.com. Long ago, I used wonderwoman526@hotmail.com, but I forgot the password and started applying for jobs and had to go with something that used my real name and wasn't made in 5th grade. It's time for a fresh start, preferably one that comes with mashed potatoes and gravy. Just one question—when will Popeye's and KFC start offering competitor email addresses and does this mean they have figured out a way to email you actual food? [CrownFriedChicken via @AdrianChen]


Update: Registration for @CrownFriedChicken email addresses is now open. But only for members of the Crown Fried Chicken Family. No fakers.

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