You've Been Using Your Keurig Coffee Machine Wrong All Along

Everyone except coffee snobs who hate themselves appreciate the convenience and enormous carbon footprint of the Keurig coffee machine. Just press a button—it's like Star Trek, sort of! But more importantly, it's perfect for ramen. Everything changes.

Maybe you think Cup Noodles are just for the obese, self-negligent, or collegiate, and maybe you're right. But sometimes you don't want to cook a ritzy French meal for lunch. Sometimes you just want savory space noodles, and you want them immediately. Rather than wait for water to boil like a savage, you can just stick your ramen cup under the Keurig, hit the trigger (sans coffee pod) and let a perfect amount of perfectly-hot water cook the noodles, perfectly. Make sure you don't put in a coffee pod. [Reddit via BuzzFeed]


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