Who cares about console controllers? They sit on our floors, are thrown against our walls, and do our bidding. Boring chunks of plastic. But when you x-ray them, they look downright gorgeous, like cyborg jellyfish.

Redditor Diabolikal49 (kewl name) alleges to work with some industrial-grade x-ray machinery, and cooked up these fantastic images of console controller guts. We've seen some console x-rays before, but nothing that approaches this level of detail and ghostliness. When the wife of Wilhelm Röntgen, discoverer of the x-ray, first saw her own radiated image, she remarked "I have seen my death." But these controllers seem the opposite—organism-like, full of complex mechanisms and sinuous wires. Diabolikal says he was able to get this level of fidelity by putting the controllers very, very close to the x-ray gun. And we're glad he did. Now stick more stuff in it.


Check out the rest of the scans here. [Reddit]