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Stop playing with your food and start playing with your music, with Zounds, a weird musicmaking device that uses colorful and oddly-shaped objects to play different musical phrases depending on where you place them on the board, which lights up with psychedelic colors at the same time. Using touch-sensitive buttons on the base, you can bend notes, and change the tempo, echo, reverb and volume of all that racket as well.

When you get sick and tired of all that "other-worldly" noisemaking, plug in your iPod or MP3 player and you can use its built-in speakers to play back music accompanied by a light show that might itself become annoying after a while. This $50 toy might be fun for about five minutes, but after that the kids will get a hold of it. Parents beware, and keep your earplugs handy.


Product Page [Zizzle, via popgadget]