Zombieland writers turn their undead sequel into a TV show, write a Micronauts movie for J.J. Abrams

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We've got a double dose of news about everyone's favorite horror comedy writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. Looks like Zombieland 2 might become a TV show, and there may be a potentially hilarious Micronauts film in our future!


First up, Vulture is reporting that Fox and Sony Pictures Television are quietly developing a half-hour comedy based around the film Zombieland. We have a feeling the insane, record-breaking ratings of The Walking Dead may have had something to do with this news being leaked.

Thankfully, the original writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are attached to the project, which shouldn't be a big stretch for them, as Zombieland was developed as a TV series before it was adapted for film. Here's a snippet from a previous interview we did with the writers that reveals how Zombieland changed over the years.

Rhett Reese: It underwent multiple development experiences. We wrote it as a TV pilot and sold it to CBS, and they had a lot of notes, which we addressed. And then when they decided to not make the pilot we unaddressed a lot of them. We went back to what we had, because we liked it more. In most cases. In a few cases we kept what they added because they did have some good notes.

Paul Wernick: Interestingly the last bit of the movie is essentially episode two of the TV show.

Rhett Reese: When we decided to expand into a feature we took what we thought supposed to be episode two and we plugged it in. And the big change that we made when it became a movie was that Ruben [Fleischer] our director wanted to set the third act at an amusement park. Originally it was set as a big huge fight at a gas station. But it's awfully similar strangely.

Paul Wernick: Strangely and wonderfully.

In other good news for Wernick and Reese, Deadline broke the story that Paramount and Hasbro have tapped the writing duo to make a Micronauts movie as a potential J.J. Abrams production.

Sure, Micronauts might not have the name recognition of Transformers, but maybe we'll get real robots instead of an indistinguishable tornado of blinding CG shrapnel. Anyone here play with Micronauts? And if so, maybe you can tell me what sort of kid played with the Micronaut?



The same kind of kid who got Star Wars toys. The one thing that annoyed me at the time was that there was no story. No idea who was a good guy or a bad guy. What my friends and I ended up doing was using Micronauts as enemies for our Star Wars toys.