Zombies Make Hellish Travel Companions in the South Korean Horror Film Train to Busan

Image: Well Go USA
Image: Well Go USA

After breaking box-office records in South Korean, Train to Busan—in which a zombie virus rapidly begins spreading between passengers on a bullet train—is headed stateside. We have an exclusive clip to share, which takes place right at that “OH SHIT” moment when everyone realizes how much danger they’re in.

If that clip intrigues, here’s the trailer, which certainly suggests things get a lot worse for the characters after that horrific scene.

Train to Busan is already out in certain theaters and will expand further over the next few weekends. Check out the list of theaters to see if it’s playing near you.



I always ask my doctor friends if some form of a zombie is realistically possible, like a mutated rabies virus infecting people, and their answer is always, “I mean, maybe...”. I always hate how their voice just kind of trails into a ominous silence.

FML zombies are real.