Zumobi Browser Beta For WM5 and 6 Now Live: Content Partners Announced

The Microsoft backed Zumobi browser is now freely available to download for anyone running Windows Mobile 5 or 6 (Blackberry and selected J2ME compatibility will be coming early in the second quarter of 2008.). They have also announced content partnerships with providers such as Amazon.com, MTV Networks, The Associated Press, AccuWeather.com, Traffic.com, FlightStats.com and OTOlabs, who developed Tiles for Vail Resorts and Fox Television's "Family Guy."


Zumobi has also released the beta version of the Zumobi SDK which will allow developers with a basic level of knowledge in JavaScript and SVG to develop and potentially earn money on their tiles. Hit the following links to get started using the Zumobi browser or the SDK. A full press release follows. [Zumobi Beta and Zumobi SDK]


Amazon.com, MTV Networks, The Associated Press, AccuWeather.com, Traffic.com, FlightStats.com and OTOlabs Among Partners Set to Launch Zumobi Tiles Today

SEATTLE - December 14, 2007 - Zumobi today launched the highly anticipated Beta version of its award-winning Zooming User Interface and mobile widget platform. Zumobi can now be downloaded free from the company's Web site: www.Zumobi.com. Content will be available from more than 75 mobile widgets or Tiles, including many from Zumobi launch partners such as Amazon.com, MTV Networks, The Associated Press, AccuWeather.com, Traffic.com, FlightStats.com and OTOlabs, who developed Tiles for Vail Resorts and Fox Television's "Family Guy".

Where to Go For More on Zumobi

* Download and participate in the Beta at www.Zumobi.com

* Check out our newest video at www.Zumobi.com/youtube

* Tune into the latest podcast from company co-founder and Vice President of Product and Services, John SanGiovanni at www.Zumobi.com

"The Zumobi team has been working for over a year to make this product a reality, and we're very excited to launch the first version of our public Beta today," said Zumobi CEO Eric Hertz. "Our partners who have created Zumobi Tiles for the initial Beta have delivered an excellent portfolio of news, entertainment, travel content and more."

Zumobi revolutionizes the way people access, retrieve and share Web-based content on their mobile phones. Through an intuitive, lush user interface, Zumobi allows people to easily "bounce" in and out of snack-sized bits of the entertainment they want and to stay on top of the information they need throughout the day, while offering advertisers a better way to connect with consumers through their mobile phones.

* "We're constantly creating new touch points on-air, online and on handsets that deepen our audiences' engagement with their favorite programming," said Jeremiah Zinn, Senior Vice President of Digital Distribution for MTV Networks. "Zumobi's new platform brings Web 2.0 functionality to wireless devices, and that allows us to create even more experiences for our audiences to stay connected to their favorite music, music news and gaming content."

* "The exciting combination of Zumobi's intuitive interface combined with Traffic.com's nationwide real-time traffic content gives on-the-go consumers the relevant, valuable, engaging user experience they demand," said Barry J. Glick, Vice President, Consumer Markets for NAVTEQ, parent company of Beta partner Traffic.com. "When users download Zumobi to their phones, they'll instantly benefit from the graphical, dynamic interaction with our mobile traffic solutions by making informed decisions about the best time to leave and the fastest way to get there."

* "In these days of air travel challenges, reliable and timely travel data is vital to people on the move," said Meara McLaughlin, Vice President of Conducive Technology, makers of FlightStats.com "The Zumobi platform gives FlightStats.com an exciting new way to connect with travelers on the mobile handset. Whether you are flying yourself or connecting with someone who is, having the right information, delivered in a clear and user-friendly way can make all the difference. We are thrilled to be one of the first Zumobi Tiles in such good company with the other founding Tile partners. We hope that users will check our Tile out when they download Zumobi."

* "Weather is the perfect match for mobile phone users - immediate, personal and location-specific," said Jim Candor, Senior Vice President of New Media for AccuWeather.com. "We're always looking for new and better ways to bring people the weather information they crave. Working with innovative companies like Zumobi helps us deliver a user experience that is quicker and more satisfying than ever before."

* "Mobile marketing has not taken off due to poor quality user experience; consumers are simply not excited to receive ads on the mobile phone," said Mitchel Ahern, Director of Product Management for OTOlabs, a permission-marketing platforms company. "We're very excited to be developing Tile applications for our clients on the Zumobi platform. We believe that by providing branded utility and entertainment as a mobile widget, our clients such as Fox Home Entertainment and Vail Resorts will see higher adoption, deeper engagement and more interaction with their audience."

Accessing the Beta Version of Zumobi

To access the Beta version of Zumobi go to www.Zumobi.com and follow the instructions on the website. The first Beta version of Zumobi is available for phones running Windows Mobile 5 and 6, with Blackberry and selected J2ME compatibility coming early in the second quarter of 2008. A data plan is required, and unlimited data plans are strongly recommended.

Beta Version of Zumobi SDK

Zumobi also unveiled a Beta version of the Zumobi SDK for developers, delivering on the company's promise of an open, device-neutral platform for building and deploying rich content for mobile phones. Developers can download the SDK from http://dev.Zumobi.com. The Zumobi SDK will enable developers to create and showcase their own Tiles. Developers will also be able to share and upload their Tiles to the Zumobi Gallery beginning in the first quarter of 2008.

About Zumobi

Zumobi is the open platform that is reinventing the mobile content experience. A highly-acclaimed innovator in the mobile industry, Zumobi provides developers with a device-neutral platform for building and deploying rich content for mobile phones; enables a better way to connect consumers and the brands that define their lives; delivers a new set of benefits that carriers can offer to their customers; and gives consumers an experience that makes their mobile phones more useful and fun. More information on Zumobi is available at www.Zumobi.com.



I installed it today. It's actually pretty cool, although a tad sluggish at the moment (then again, my Mogul is not one of their "certified" devices, so it may not be optimized yet). Thing is, it ends up being little more than a fancy RSS reader that requires the provider to design content for it. That said, it works very well for that and if there's enough unique content tailored to it, it might be fun. I don't generally do RSS readers, though, so if that's all it's good for, its use may be limited.