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Zune HD Gets Its First 3D Games (And They're All Free)

Illustration for article titled Zune HD Gets Its First 3D Games (And Theyre All Free)

The last Zune HD firmware update apparently had one more trick up its sleeve: 3D gaming, finally. And while the new games might be late in coming to the Zune Marketplace, they look worthwhile. And more importantly, they're free.


Anyone with Zune HD 4.3 should be able to mosey on over to the Zune Marketplace, where they'll find a few new surprises. Or what would have been surprises, if I wasn't about to totally ruin them right here:

• PGR: Ferrari Edition
• Lucky Lane Bowling
• Vans Sk8
• Piano (it's a piano toy, not strictly a game)
• Audio Surf: Tilt
• Checkers


It's not quite the same as having an open marketplace with a full SDK—presumably Microsoft's actively helping push these things along to keep Zune HD users interested—but it's a start. [HelloFromEuropeThanks, Korneel!]

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is there any reasonable explanation at all as to why the zune has never been released outside the us? #zunehdgames