Zune Tattoo Guy to Get Third Mystery Tattoo

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Idolator, our sister site that likes music (on iPods or not), had a visit in the comments from none other than Zune Tattoo Fan #1, who explained:

I am the Zune tattoo guy, Steven Smith, I would like to be able to put my 2 cents in an explain my 1st and 2nd zune tattoo as well as my 3rd tattoo I will be getting. As far as what Microsoft is doing for me, it isn't important, I did not get either tattoo to be rewarded later. But for your info I am being flown out to Redmond, Washington to have a meet and greet with the Zune Team, and to do an interview for [www.on10.net] so I think that more than makes up for my $80 tattoo. Also, I know I am fat:)


Steven, you sound like a nice guy, not one of those scary cultists that shake their fists at product announcements like book burners and get tattoos on their...wait.

Steven, I respect your dedication to both Zune and to Pepperoni Pizza, and your honesty about the whole thing. Just to let you know, whenever Engadget scoops me, I eat an ice cream sandwich, and boy are those guys good at gadget blogging. These days, I don't fit any of my pants except the sweats. Seriously, though, you're not that big.

However, you never explained why you love Zune so much you decided to get tattoos of the logo. And what is your third tattoo going to be? Jokes aside, I'd like to hear your answer.

Microsoft. Get off your cheap ass and give this guy a huge box of Zunes in every color, give him a Job in Zune PR, and give him lifetime subscription passes.

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