Zune's Brown Color Sucks, Analyst Says

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Microsoft marketing geniuses figured out that brown is the new black (or white), painting up the Zune in a color that a lot of people associate with a brick of shit. Now here come the second-guessing analysts, and one named Rob Enderle from the Enderle Group says that Microsoft stands alone in its edgy choice of brown as a hot new color. Is brown cool? "No other hardware company has come to that conclusion," he said, blaming the color for the player's somewhat slow intro.

So let's vote on it. Our earlier poll just at the Zune's launch showed mild acceptance of the brown Zune, rejection of white, and a preference for black. Now that many of you have had a chance to actually see the brown one, we put this more-specific question to you, dear readers:


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We've seen all three colors of the Zune, and I actually like the brown one best. With its painted-on-the-inside translucent weirdness, I only wish it were a bit more rounded and smaller, not a different color.

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