Elevate Your Laptop, Plus Keurig, Apple TV, Magic Mouse and Trackpad

If you sit at a desk with your laptop and don't use a laptop stand along with an external mouse and keyboard, you're really missing out on greatly improved ergonomics and probably less back and neck pain. This Belkin Zero stand is a great choice, and looks great underneath any laptop, especially a Macbook. It's only 21 bucks on eBay right now. [eBay]

Elevate Your Laptop, Plus Keurig, Apple TV, Magic Mouse and Trackpad

Staples is offering $15 off orders of $50 or more site-wide today with promo code 86069, which makes for some awfully-tempting bargains. The code appears to work on everything they sell (except gift cards, sadly), so feel free to browse on your own. To save you some time though, we curated a few of our favorites:



Home Theater

Mobile Devices and Accessories

Computers and Accessories






Media and Gaming

Movies and TV





  • Fantastical ($2) | Normally $5 | Fantastic calendar app. Fantastical 2 for iOS 7 is coming soon as a separate purchase though.
  • Machinarium ($2) | Normally $3
  • Worms 3 ($1) | Normally $5 | Excellent iteration of the Worms franchise
  • FREE Agile Project Manager | Normally $10
  • FREE Movie Player - Plays any Video! | Normally $3 | Universal video player
  • FREE MiniatureCam | Normally $1 | Tilt-shift video generator
  • ComicGlass ($2) | Normally $3 | Comic reader
  • FREE AppZilla 3 | Normally $1 | An app that contains lots of other apps
  • FREE Viz | Normally $2 | Creates simple charts and infographics
  • FREE Vycloud | Normally $1 | Weather app


  • Crystal Defenders ($4) | Amazon | Normally $7 | Final Fantasy-themed tower defense from Square Enix




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