10 Cloverfield Lane Director Dan Trachtenberg Will Chart the Uncharted Movie

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The Uncharted movie lives, dies, lives, dies, and now lives again! This thing has more high-stakes action than most Uncharted quick time events do, frankly.

Sony has been trying to get a movie adaptation of the beloved Naughty Dog action-adventure franchise—following the globetrotting exploits of mercenary-shooter/treasure hunter Nathan Drake—for so long, Uncharted fanboy Nathan Fillion already beat them to the punch. It’s taken so long mainly because directors keep coming and going from the project, with the latest, Shawn Levy, departing last month. But Sony has already found a replacement in the form of 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Dan Trachtenberg—who actually caught the attention of Hollywood before Cloverfield Lane with a dazzling fan film adaptation of the hit Valve puzzle game Portal. So he knows his way around the video gaming world, at least!

According to Variety, Trachtenberg’s arrival on the project has not changed the direction the film’s story was heading under Levy—which means that Tom Holland is still scheduled to star, and the film is likely to be inspired by flashback moments from the third game in the series, Drake’s Deception, which followed a young Nathan Drake as he first met the man that would become his adventuring partner-in-crime, Victor “Sully” Sullivan.


Hopefully the fact that the film isn’t going back to the drawing board, and that Sony has been pretty speedy to replace Levy, means that this time the Uncharted movie isn’t in such dire straits as it has been. We’ll bring you more about when we can expect Young Drake’s adventures to hit theaters when we learn it.

Correction: The article originally said the film “will be” inspired by the flashbacks. We actually don’t know that for sure, so we’ve edited to make it an assumption.


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