10 delicious ways countries around the world cook their steaks

With my steaks, I prefer the unbeatable seasoning one-two punch of salt and pepper. And well, maybe some garlic if I'm feeling frisky. I just like the taste of red meat too much. But around the world? You'll get steaks seasoned and marinated with orange peel, lime zest, soy sauce, shrimp paste, sugar and much more.

And after watching this video by Foodbeast, I think I'll have to re-evaluate my meat marriage to salt and pepper. I'm going to start getting crazy.

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Nothing brings out the experts quite like steak. Everyone and their grandma knows "the perfect way to make it and if you don't make it this way you're making it wrong and you're just a makingity make fool".

I'm to the point now where I just go with whatever flow I've got going. Grill it one way, cast iron another, oven, marinade with this or that, whatever. There's a slew of GREAT ways to cook a steak. It would be awesome if folks would justsharetheir methods instead of claiming their method is the best of all, period.

Just saying.