10 of the Best Opening Title Sequences in Film History

CineFix takes a deep look into the art of opening titles and analyzes the different types that appear in movies, ranking the best of each kind. From simple text title cards, to the foreshadowing teasers that you don’t realize spoil the movie until you re-watch it, to slick graphic designs and animated opening credits, to a deep look at a main character or an introduction to the movie’s world, the best title sequences aren’t just words on a screen meant to kill some time. They set the tone of the film and make you ready for the story you’re about to see.

Here’s what CineFix ranks as the 10 best opening title sequences:

  1. Everything by Saul Bass
  2. Character - Lolita
  3. Establishing the World - Taxi Driver
  4. Context - Lord of War
  5. Foreshadowing - Fight Club
  6. Plot - The Touch of Evil
  7. Graphic Design - Dr. No
  8. Animation - Catch Me If You Can
  9. Imagery - Goldfinger
  10. Text - Enter the Void

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No love for Seven? Maybe it’s a bit dated now, but goddamn if I wasn’t immediately creeped out and drawn into the movie the first time I saw it.