10 scifi and fantasy characters who believe that two heads are better than one

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Plenty of fictional folks have an extra sentient cranium lying around — just not all of them have said heads attached to their auxiliary necks. Here are 10 fellows who require multiple nacho hats at tailgating parties.

10.) Two Badd from Masters of the Universe
Two Badd was one of Skeletor's less lauded henchmen. I'm guessing his lack of mainstream popularity stems from the fact that his action figure's sole ability was to punch itself in the face.


Side note: I love Skeletor's incredulous "WHAT" in this clip. It truly is a sinister yalp.

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9.) The Bi-Beast
Bi-Beast was a two-headed cyborg built by an avian civilizat— oh, criminy crap. One thing I vowed when I took this job was to never recapitulate Bi-Beast's biography more than once. Seriously, I have this on paper. Nick Denton notarized it.

If you want to learn more about this dual-domed Thor villain, click here. The rest of you can admire his audacious take on the pantsless pea coast.

8.) The Three-Headed Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Was anyone else wigged out by this scene? I find Terry Jones, Graham Chapman, and Michael Palin covered by a tarp and standing on a table inexplicably horrifying. The overall effect is so grimy-slapdash it's frightening, thus eclipsing the comedy. Ditto goes for most of the Holy Grail.

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7.) Double-Header from The Legion of Substitute Heroes
Double-Header comes from the planet Janus (oy!) where all Janusians split from each other over the course of their lifetime. He wanted to join the Legion of Superheroes, until that bigot Saturn Girl discriminated against his lifelong mitosis.


Double-Header was eventually inducted into the Legion of Substitute Heroes with such luminaries as Color Kid. Depending on what Legion continuity you prescribe to, Double-Header is dead now.

6.) Zaphod Beeblebrox from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
If you need an effectively incompetent President — who's also a multiple "Worst Dressed Sentient Being in the Known Universe" award winner! — look no further than Douglas Adams' two-headed, three-armed executive.


See also: Sam Rockwell.

5.) Ash's doppelgänger in Army of Darkness
There's nothing worse than eating a Tom Thumb-sized facsimile of yourself and then watching him grow out of your shoulder blade. The jazz dance in Spider-Man 3 would've benefited from a healthy dose of clavicle clone.

4.) Leonard from The X-Files episode "Humbug"
Lanny and Leonard are conjoined twins. That is, until Leonard decides to detach himself and latch on to someone else. Did I mention Leonard looks like a tadpole sapien?

3.) Belial from Basket Case
Hands down "telepathic conjoined twins who have a murderous vendetta against the doctors who separated them" film ever made.

2.) Kuato from Total Recall
I'm guessing Kuato won't be in the new Total Recall. To remedy this, I plan on starting a federal petition allowing theater patrons to bring their own Kuato puppets to the cineplex and shout out dialogue as necessary.


1.) "The Ventriloquist's Dummy" from Tales from the Crypt
Here's something you never wanted to see: Don Rickles with a fetus growing out of his hand! This great moment in nightmare fuel was brought to you by Richard Donner (director), Frank Darabont (writer), and Bobcat Goldthwait (squealer).



Platypus Man

For number 6 — His name is Douglas Adams, not Adam, so it should either read Douglas Adams' or (preferably to me) Douglas Adams's. #corrections

But yeah, Zaphod is the beginning and the ending of this list for me... And people will criticize the Sam Rockwell version and how they handled the two heads, but it's better than making it really cheesy (like the BBC) or just not doing it (basically their only other choices), so it didn't bother me all that much.