2.) I Come In Peace
Former Fulbright Scholar Dolph Lundgren is Jack Caine, a Houston cop who just doesn't play by the rules. In his mission to take down an upper-crust drug syndicate, Caine encounters Talec, an extraterrestrial drug pusher who gets humans high on heroin and then extracts the endorphins from their brains to sell on his home planet. You don't rob Dolph Lundgren's home and you certainly don't fuck with his planet.


1.) The 456 from Torchwood: Children of Earth
The ultimate heebie-jeebie-inducing intergalactic junkies, the 456 were an alien race who abducted human children and got high off of them via horrifying life support tubes. To make matters worse, the children never grow up and spend the rest of the unnaturally prolonged lives hooked up to the 456, who are getting stoned out of their three-headed avian gourds. The 456 are so addicted to children they hold the Earth hostage in exchange for 10% of the world's moppet supply.