Indirect glimpses of skylines, sailboats, signage, and selfies. Sometimes the indirect approach can yield amazing results.



So I saw the guidelines and realized I was going on vacation to see my family, and so I'd have access to my camera and my dad's. We went around the Chicago Museum of Art looking for a nice thing to reflect, but the fist seemed to be the most fun. Pentax K100D, 24mm, 1/180 s, f 1/8, iso 1600

- Chris Thai

LaCross, Wisconsin


Taken with a Canon T2i, EF-S 18-55mm, f/4, ISO 1600 and :30 exposure. I used an old Praktica MTL3 with 50mm lens reflecting La Crosse, WI as the subject. I knew of a ridge top overlooking the city from the other side of the river and figured a night shot could make for an interesting photo. This was my first time shooting with a long exposure, combined with two camera/tripod setups and cloud coverage slowly creeping in, I definitely didn't make it easy for myself. Adding to that, I also wanted to have a little something going on in the background. The red tree was lit from brakes of my car and the 30 second exposure gave me just enough to get the city below and the stars above. At one point I lost my glasses and straight out of a cliché movie moment, I found myself pawing at the ground in the pitch black looking for them.

- Skylar O'Flaherty



Couldn't find a better view around my area. Tried to take pictures of some flowers but didn't work out, so just decided to take a shot of the roof of my house. :)

- Kathan Patel

The Pier


I took this picture while enjoying a beautiful day with the family at Navy Pier, Chicago. I don't have a second camera but I am holding with my hands a AF-S Nikkor 55-300mm lens and I use to take the picture a Nikon D80, AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm, F 3.6, shutter 1/200 and ISO 100.

- Daniel Prieto Garcia



We had the Tall Ships festival going on in Chicago this weekend, so I decided to use that for the challenge. I had my brother hold my camera with a polarizing filter on the end while I shot using his T3i and its kit lens @ f/8 ISO 100.

- Adam Mosier



Equipment information: Shooting Camera - Nikon D200 Lens - Nikon 35mm f/1.8 ISO 800 f/8.0 15sec exposure Reflection Camera - Nikon D40 Lens - Nikon 18-55mm with Circular Polarizer The Story! This is a very meta shot. My wife and I were in downtown Austin for a retreat, so I knew we'd have an opportunity to get some excellent subjects for the weekly shooting challenge. We decided upon The Long Center, one of the best looking buildings in the city. When we got there, we saw that there was already a photoshoot in session. So I setup the shot to get one of the great downtown Austin buildings as the backdrop, with the photoshoot in the foreground. So, it is a picture of a reflection in a camera, of people taking pictures. Very "meta."

- Alan Smith

Lenses in Lenses


Sony A65 using a Minolta 200mm "beercan lens" at f/32 . The Minolta Rokkor lens is a real nice f1.7 50mm which is focused and pointed at a water pond in my front yard, the Sony A55 on the tripod is showing the back of that Rokkor lens as well as a side-view of the CPL filter I have leaning against the side of the Rokkor lens which is reflecting the late-afternoon sun straight back to the shooting camera. This was like setting up a pool shot to get all the angles working together at the same time.

- Marvin Francois

Broken Gear


I was trying out the camera on my new Galaxy S4 that i have recently aquired, and all around my room are broken camera lenses that i have taken apart (Part hobby and part making bracelets like the ones featured a while ago) This was the aperture of a old 35/70mm canon lens with the reflection out the window. I hope this counts as enough of a reflection!

- Andrew Cowie

End of the Rainbow


As you can imagine, I've done a few photos related to this contest… And although maybe some of them will be somehow more attractive or technically appealing, I've choose this one because it shows more the real feeling of going to the beach with friends: just getting there for a nice chat and relax (friend's crossed legs on photo), also the variety of styles of the people, and on top of that the lucky rainbow. Photo done with: Sony DSC-TX10 - Auto Mode (1/160s - f/3,5) Reflected camera: Sony DSC-F828 with a NDx4 filter. Place: Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona, Spain.

- Pedro Rivero



My submission is a lens reflection I took at the top of Garcia Trail in Covina, California. I had setup my tripod and 60D and was preparing for sunset pictures when I remembered this contest and thought it was the perfect time and place to take some photos. I pulled out my iphone 5 and snapped away! I liked this one in particular because it shows two brothers look onto the cross together. The reflection really ties the viewer and our subject together for more emotion. I retouched the photo in Photoshop to bring out the colors and balance the exposure in the reflection and the background. f/2.4 shutter 1/160 ISO 50

- Michael Lewis Webb

Garbage Droid


So I was sitting in Boston's Logan airport waiting to fly home to Chicago, from a weekend gorging on lobster rolls at my sisters place. So while waiting I was reading my twitter feed. I glanced up and saw myself in a trash can I naturally I decided that view needs a tweet, which I did (see link below). I like to take silly and odd pictures and tweet them, mainly to annoy my daughter who follows my twitter account. If I am not annoying my daughter I am taking pictures of food for some reason! So this morning when I was cruising through my usual morning online web browsing I saw your Gizmodo reflection contest I thought how funny, I did that exact thing at Logan. So I decided to enter. The shot was taken about 4 hours after your contest was announced with my iphone 3G my camera experience is limited to quickies on the iphone.

- Bill Gentes



There once was a little robot named WALL●E. He was aimlessly wandering down all the dark alley ways of the new Earth, searching for a camera. Because you see, he had just found out, his girlfriend EVE had cheated on him with his best friend MO. He was sad and lonely, but he is determined! He wanted to get his picture taken, so he can post it on, he was ready to move on. Then out of nowhere, he heard a noise, two giant canon lenses appears from the darkness starring at him. He froze.. staring at his own reflections, unaware behind him was a Leica M9 with a Leica Noctilux lens. Then he heard the shutter at 8s at f8 at iso 160. And that was the last sound he heard... DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!

- Daniel Sha

Thanks everyone for this week's entries. It's a lot to take in and... reflect on. And as usual, you can find the full size versions on Flickr.