Everything we see has made its way through our eyes, which also means, there's a good chance that most of our lives is reflected in our eyes. Here are 12 fantastic images that celebrate that idea.

WINNER: Vertigo

Canon T2i, 100mm, f/2.8. I realized a little too late that doing this by myself was a terrible idea. It is really hard to try to take a macro picture of yourself, with no autofocus, while having to direct your eye on a movie poster a few feet away. After about 300 pictures and a gazillion tripod setups and lighting options, this one came along.


- Diego Jiménez

Macro Ring


For this I used my Canon T3i in macro setting with 100iso. For the lighting effect I used my Polaroid LED macro light ring and placed it around my eye. I was surprised by how it captured the color of my eye so well. I messed with the levels a bit but the eye color is true. I used my PC to monitor live the photo session, this enabled me to get a really clear focus on my iris.

- Michai Morin

Sky In The Eye


It's been a while since I've tried to take an eyeball/iris shot on my own. In fact, I had a similar image in a previous contest here which was probably the last time I attempted it! Well, I was reminded over the course of an hour and probably ~100 deleted photos how hard it can be to line this up! I achieved this effect by tilting my head while hanging out my window with my camera on a tripod on the roof. I would line up my eye with my reflection in the front lens element. I didn't want the camera to be visible in the shot, however, the top can actually be seen in the center of my pupil, but it looks like the tree-line! Would you have noticed? Canon T2i - 18-55mm lens @ 55mm - f7.1 - 1/80th - ISO 200pop.

- Chris Potako

We Have Contact


I wish I had a better macro lens for this challenge... the minimum focus distance was several feet, so I knew I'd be cropping the image later. The streaks in the reflection were from a gobo pattern in an ETC ellipsoidal. The hand belongs to my very patient model. I don't own a strobe kit (hence the high ISO and low shutter speed - couldn't go much brighter with continuous light sources without blinding the subject), but I do have access to LED film/video lights and a cyc wall. I used two DeSisti LED floor lamps (40W Magis and 90W Leonardo) to light the model and Altman LED Spectra Cyc 100's made it a breeze to find the same blue to match the model's eyes. Tech Info: Canon 5D Mark III, Sigma 70-300mm w/macro lens, 300mm focal length, f/5.6 aperture, 1/20s shutter, ISO 3200, cropped and tweaked in Adobe Camera RAW & Photoshop.

- Jon Wolding



I was excited about this contest because I think macro shots of eyes are some of the coolest images. After some persuasion, my friend volunteered to let me use her eyes and I let her pick the object to be reflected. As an artist herself, she chose a favorite personal drawing of a crying angel with the caption "I can fly no matter how wingless I feel". The image was shot with a a Canon 7D and a 60mm macro, a constant light to keep her pupil small, and then a external flash to bounce off the drawing for the reflection. Credit for the eye and drawing goes to Sonya Bolton.

- Tim Nummy

Big Screen


Wanted to try out my new tele so figured I would give this a shot. This is a photo of my eye, taken with a Canon T4i on a tripod with the Canon 70-200 at 120mm. I used a Kenko 36mm extension tube as a macro. Camera specs are ISO 800, f2.8, 1/30. The only processing done to the image was a simple crop. I used Photoshop to create and reverse the reflected image. The image is displayed on my Macbook held extremely close to my face. There was a fill light above but the majority of the light came from the computer screen at max brightness. The rough quote comes from the Underpants Gnomes South Park Episode and subsequent memes.

- Timothy Schubert

Middle Falls


This photo was taken at Letchworth State Park overlooking the middle falls. I used an Olympus EPL-2 set at "autofocus" which ended up being iso 200, f9, at 1/250 of a second. I looked into the sun, aimed the camera as best I could at my eye, and started snapping away. After the shot was taken I upped the structure, contrast, and saturation a bit in they eye using the Photoshop plugin Viveza 2 to make the reflection pop a little more.

- William Brown

Cross My...Heart


So I called my friend Cath for the shot. The original idea was to have a queen of harts playing card in her eye. I couldnt get the shot to work like I wanted to. So then we moved inside and were just talking about ideas on the shot and she got the cross. It worked perfectly. Nikon D5100, 18mm-55mm Lens, f/5.6, 1/6 sec, ISO 100.

- Jack Gebhardt

Video Vision


My wife has recently completed her dissertation and will be receiving her PhD. She has been working almost 24/7 for over a year and a half. When she was winding down, she decided she wanted to hook-up her Super Nintendo and play "Secret of Mana" and "Final Fantasy III" for relaxation (I knew there was a good reason we were together). This is her eye and her Super Nintendo controller. 35 mm, 1/40 sec, 400 ISO, f/7.0. I also used macro extension tubes.

- Rob Huber



This was tough. Frustratingly tough without daylight/sunlight. The girlfriend and I don't get much time together these days, so I like to use these challenges as an excuse to do something together and practice photography at the same time. The concept was basically a themed photo on my favorite comic book series right now, Hawkeye. So I proposed she do her makeup in a way that was inspired by the series, and that part came out fantastic in my opinion. The reflection was supposed to be a simple cover from one of the issues of the series. One problem, with just indoor lighting (only time we had to get this done was late at night) it was next to impossible to get the book to reflect into the eye properly. So the shot didn't come out how I wanted it to come out...but I still think it's a really cool concept and the makeup at least looks great! Would love to do a series of these based on my favorite books and her amazing makeup skills. Canon t2i, 18-55mm kit lens (at 55mm), f/9, no flash.

- Mick Anders

Dentist Chair Simulation


This was shot with a Canon 60D, and an old Canon 80-200. I used a macro adapter and a ring flash adapter. The ring flash adapter is what you see in the reflection. Settings are f/16, 1/200, ISO 400.

- Michael Chiri

Rubber Ducky


I was pretty excited to try this out, and then a little disappointed in the results of my actual efforts. This is of my 1 year old daughter outside playing with her rubber duck. She loves that duck! In looking at the pictures I took of her, I found that there was a reflection of her duck in her eye. This photo wasn't actually meant to be for this challenge, but I saw there was a reflection, so I cropped and brightened up the colors. Canon Rebel XS, f/1.8, 1/1000sec, ISO-100, +2 step, 50mm.

- Amanda Jaeger

Ready For My Close-Up


I took these with my Nikon D3100, f/5.6 1/50 sec exposure, ISO 800, 55mm focal, no flash. Long story short, I do not have a macro lens or any real macro experience. I have been meaning to participate in these challenges for a long time but never got around to it, so when this was announced, and I actually had a solid idea, I got my crap together and did what I could! Unfortunately, my pics did not come out like I wanted...I had the grand idea of having the eye reflection show me looking at myself in the mirror and crying (so much angst, I know, but it was supposed to tell a story.) I wanted to capture how people judge themselves in the mirror and deal with body image issues. You can see the studio lights of my bathroom mirror so I guess that's kind of cool.

- Mike Gill

Wonderful entries as always! From your comments, it seems like this week was exceptionally challenging, but for what it's worth, you made the images look effortless. To take a look at the even bigger shots, head over to flickr.