April showers bring May flowers, but April showers are also made of rain. Spring is nice, but with it comes immense amounts of precipitation. To survive the next few weeks of rain and make it through to summer, you're going to need an umbrella. And why not one that looks cool? We've rounded up some of best designs below.

Color Wheel Umbrella, $48 at MoMA Store

Starry Night Umbrella, $48 at MoMA Store

Blunt Classic Umbrella, $80 via Blunt

This umbrella has been engineered to withstand some of the most extreme conditions, i.e. it's not going to turn inside out when you're hit with a massive gust of wind.

Palm Trees umbrella, $30 from Hudson Bay

Shooting stars, $7 via Zzko

Fulton Birdcage umbrella, $23 through Asos

Raining Cats and Dogs umbrella, $25 on Amazon

Don't be afraid to unironically love this cheesy rain-blocker.

Gaultier umbrella, $55 at Opening Ceremony

Guy de Jean short umbrella, $95 at Opening Ceremony

Kit Neale x Tutti Frutti printed city umbrella, $105 at Opening Ceremony

Futai American Flag umbrella, $25 at Target

Totes Bright Stripes compact umbrella, $13 at Target

Zebras Umbrella, $130 via Digs