15.6-Inch Dell Ultra-thin Laptop Rising from the Ashes of the Adamo

Back on February 9, we reported that the Adamo, Dell's sexy-yet-lacking ultrathin laptop, was no more. That didn't mean Dell was done with the genre, however, as it seems there's a new sexy, svelte model on the horizon.


The rumored 15.6-inch model, unnamed, will reportedly arrive with Intel Core i5 and i7 processor configurations (Sandy Bridge), coupled with a high-resolution display.

The case will contain "special materials," CNET reports, which I can only surmise means crushed unicorn horns and the blood of whatever pixies Keith Richards has been using to stay alive all these years. Or lightweight aluminum and/or carbon fiber. Any of those guesses could work.

Better still for people still mourning the loss of the Adamo, Dell is purportedly targeting a sub-$1,000 price tag. Healthy skeptics like you and me will note that means $999 and "base model." [CNET]

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