$20,000 Oticon Epoq Bluetooth Stereo Hearing Aid Also Manages iPod, Phone

Illustration for article titled $20,000 Oticon Epoq Bluetooth Stereo Hearing Aid Also Manages iPod, Phone

Over at Gadget Lab, Charlie Sorrel is talking about his deaf friend's super-sweet insanely-expensive hearing aid. The Oticon Epoq's UK price is £10,000; for the cash, you get two earpieces wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to render more accurate 3D sound images inside the wearer's head. With all the obvious tech already inside, the system has an interface that plugs into a phone or an MP3 player to stream stereo music and phone calls into the earpieces. Presumably, if a phone has Bluetooth A2DP stereo streaming, you won't need the adapters. Sorrel only mentions the flipside: that the iPhone, lacking A2DP, can only be a phone, not a music player, when used with the Epoq aid. [Gadget Lab]

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junior ghoul

i logged in from school just to say that i...FREAKING PREDICTED THIS!!!

okay that was poorly worded and didnt make much sense. let me explain. i'm hearing imapired.Being hearing impaired gives me an inside view of the life of hearing impaired people, and what they want and dont want. one feature that many, many hearing imapired people would enjoy, is blue tooth enabled hearing aids (and a relatively small attachment for mp3 players that dont have bluetooth built in). This would enable us to enjoy music to the fullest ability. In terms of price, these hearing aids are only about double the price of really good hearing aids.

the next thing we want (or at least i want) are glasses with built in closed captions. that would be sooo sweet. They're gonna be damn tricky to make (will have to to make the close captions somehow appear several feet in front of you, or else they will take up the entire "screen" and will be illegible) but hopefully someone at some point in the near future makes them (fingers crossed).