In Japan, they take custom cars seriously. Just look at some of these! A Buddhist priest spent $110,000 creating a car with gullwings, scissor doors and a splithood. Oh, and then there's the $280,000 Batman van.

Yes, these people are insane. Here's the rundown of my favorites:

- A Toyota Celsior UCF20 with gullwings, scissor doors and a split hood, which took 12 years to build and cost 10 million yen ($110,000). The interior includes 24 monitors, including several mounted in the headrests behind the passengers' heads (you can watch them with the eyes in the back of your head, according to the priest).

- Batman van, a rolling tribute to the superhero that cost 25 million yen ($280,000), took 13 years to complete, and earned the owner a divorce.

- Rocket launcher van, a 1981 Daihatsu Hijet outfitted with a cheap launcher for an 8-meter (26-ft) water rocket (the owner is an eggplant farmer).


Yes, the video is all in Japanese. Yes, it's still very worth watching. [PinkTentacle]

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