It's nice to know that even as most of us scramble to keep our jobs and pay off our massive credit card debts, there are others out there who can still afford to give the very best to those they love most—their dogs. A Great Dane owner in the U.K. recently spent roughly $380,000 to outfit her dog house with essential luxuries like a spa and a 52-inch plasma TV. The dog mansion contains two bedrooms and a day lounge, temperature-controlled beds outlined with sheepskin, automated food and water dispensers that pour their goods into self-cleaning eating and drinking bowls, a 18-inch deep pool, a $230,000 sound system (they can hear sounds we can't, you know) and even a retina scanner... to stop other pets from entering. Well, at least the dog house is kind of environmentally friendly—with geothermal heating and solar and wind power generators, it produces more energy than it uses. Yay, Earth? [Dailymail via Born Rich]


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