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The 5 Best Times Obama Met With Robots

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday, President Obama made history by having a conversation via telepresence robot in the White House to mark the 25th anniversary of the Americans Disabilities Act. But it wasn’t the first time Obama has met with the artificially intelligent.

July 2015 | Meets Alice Wong of Disability Visibility Project via BeamPro


Looks like they could have at least adjusted the thing for his height, right?

April 2014 | Meets ASIMO

During a trip to Tokyo, Obama played soccer with Honda’s robot. He also bowed to it, which was kind of a problem for right-wingers.


April 2013 | Meets Robotic Arm

Obama has welcomed many robot visitors to the house like this creation of International Science and Engineering Fair winner Easton LaChappelle.

September 2011 | Meets FIRST Robot


Would you look at this POTUS! He loves robots. He’s no Angela Merkel, though.

June 2011 | Meets Sensabot


Not sure exactly what Obama is doing here to this Carnegie Mellon robot.

Teleconference photos, Pete Souza; robotic arm, Getty Images; FIRST Robot, AP; Carnegie Mellon robot, AP