50-Girls-50 Launches Sexy Space Opera, New Careers

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Ever thought that you could make it as a comic book artist? Frank Cho and Doug Murray are looking to give you the opportunity; they're holding a contest to find an artist for their new good girl space opera comic.

Image Comics, who'll be publishing the Cho/Murray/potentially-you collaboration 50-Girls-50, call the new series "a science fiction, action adventure miniseries," and offer up Liberty Meadows creator and Marvel Comics' Mighty Avengers artist Cho's designs of the lead characters as an example of what readers can expect.


Cho himself, on the other hand, has no set idea of what he's looking for:

When creating 50-Girls-50, Doug and I knew we wanted to go with a very different look than we've had on any previous collaboration. Given the immense wealth of talent online, we decided an open call would be the best way to find someone. We're open to seeing all styles for our prospective illustrator and look forward to the results.


That openness is something that co-creator Murray shares:

I can't say we have a definitive style in mind, which is what makes this whole process all the more exciting. We're eager to see what the emerging artists of the world have to offer.


Interested artists can find more details here, including the six pages of script from Murray that they'll need to illustrate by October 2nd in order to submit their work. Even more details can be found here.