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7 Tools to Keep That Sugar High Going

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's November 1st, which means you're going to have to wait an entire year for the opportunity to dress up like a serial killer and harass your neighbors for free candy, without police intervention. In the meantime, here are seven gadgets to satiate your sweet tooth and keep that sugar high going.


Tabletop Cotton Candy Maker

With the temperatures dropping, even finding a local state fair to get your hands on a wad of cotton candy isn't going to be easy. But since the only ingredient is sugar, all you need is the right equipment to spin your own. This tabletop machine just requires a sturdy place to sit since it employs a heating element hot enough to melt sugar, but when using it at home away from the watchful eye of a carnie, there's no one to stop you from just sticking your whole arm in there and going crazy. $70


Automatic Mini Donut Factory

You might not be able to perfectly recreate Krispy Kreme's recipe, but with the right setup you can get this mini donut factory delivering delicious baked goods directly into your mouth. While you'll need to feed it the right ingredients, the machine does the rest of the work for you; mixing the batter, shaping the dough and sending them through the oven. Add a touch of glaze and a healthy smattering of sprinkles and you've got breakfast, lunch and dinner taken care of. $180

Old Fashioned S'Mores Maker

The 'old-fashioned' branding might be a bit of a misnomer since I'm pretty sure my grandparents didn't make s'mores this way. But I'm glad technology has enabled me to safely whip up a batch hot melted marshmallows by my bedside. While the final assembly process is left to you, this machine automatically rotates your marshmallows ensuring a perfect golden brown finish all the way around. And if used in the bathroom, the close proximity to your shower makes cleanup even easier. $40


Personal Pie Baker

If you're fortunate enough to have a doting grandmother, you've already got yourself the best pie baker money can buy. But if her kitchen isn't close, this Personal Pie Baker is an adequate compromise. It's unfortunately not an automated solution, so you'll need to prepare your dough and filling ahead of time. But it's able to bake four 3 1/2-inch pies in just ten minutes, so you don't need to choose between apple, cherry, pumpkin or pecan. $50


Mini Cupcake Maker

It's ok to splurge every once in a while as long as you keep your portions in check. So I'm sure if you replace that giant decadent cupcake you have at lunch every day with seven smaller ones, the pounds will just disappear. And with this Mini Cupcake Maker perched on your desk, you don't even need access to a kitchen or an oven to bake them. In just five minutes you'll have seven tasty treats ready for frosting and toppings. And while I'm sure each one would put a smile on a co-worker's face, imagine the even bigger smile on your own if you opted not to share. $25


ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine

I'm not saying it's right for society to look down on you for downing a bottle of maple syrup on its own. I'm just saying they do. Which is obviously why pancakes were invented. They're literally nothing more than circular sponges that make it socially acceptable to consume a bottle of pure sugar. And instead of sweating over a hot skillet, the ChefStack spits out a fresh flapjack every eighteen seconds, or 180 an hour. It even comes with its own special batter so all you need to do is stick a plate at the end of the conveyor belt and get to work. $3,500


Snow Cone Machine

Like George Foreman and his wonderful grill, Snoopy also dabbled in kitchen appliances, bringing one of the first snow cone machines into American homes. But when I was a kid I soon realized the tiny cups of flavored ice it produced just weren't worth all the manual grinding it required. A powered machine is the way to go, like this counter-friendly solution that uses a two blade auger to turn ice into shavings in no time. And the ample sized syrup bottles ensure you can add as much flavor as you want. $40