8 of the World's Coolest Skyscrapers Rendered Like 1980s Futurist Art

An increasing number of skyscrapers that line our horizons these days resemble the future we were promised: twisting pillars of glass and steel that stretch up into the clouds. When you glaze those buildings with some 1980s-inspired French futurism, however, they look simply surreal

Arcueil-based illustrator Romain Trystram is highlighting some of the world's most striking skyscrapers in a series of wallpapers for I Like Architecture. They're crazy awesome. The glows and gradients are rendered in colors that can only be described as the palette of the most memorable sunset you've ever seen. They look like some sort of neon dream. They're best enjoyed while listening to the Drive soundtrack and wearing a Member's Only jacket.


Taipei 101

As the name implies, this tiered, typhoon-proof tower designed by C.Y. Lee & Partners is 101 stories-tall. In real life, it almost looks like a magical accident. In Trystram's world, it looks like Oz. [Download High-Res]

Absolute World Towers


These twisting towers are the centerpiece of the Absolute City Center complex in Mississauga, Ontario. Designed by Burka Architects and MAD Studio, the skyscrapers are colloquially known as the Marilyn Monroe towers for their voluptuous shape. I've always thought Marilyn looks great in neon. [Download High-Res]

Burj Khalifa


You know this one. The world's tallest manmade structure towers 2,722 feet over Dubai like a beacon of human progress reaching towards the gods. Trystram's wallpaper might actually be a photograph. The real thing is already so absurd, I can't be sure. [Download High-Res]

CCTV Headquarters


Excuse me. Did someone turn Beijing's Central Business District into a sector from Tron, with a 44-story-tall loop of a skyscraper in the middle? Well, no. The Rem Koolhaas-designed building actually exists. The streets made of electricity ought to exist, too, though. [Download High-Res]

Turning Torso


In most regards, Malmö pales in comparison to Sweden's capital, Stockholm. In terms of skyscrapers, however, this medium-sized coastal city is world famous. This Santiago Calatrava-designed tower looks like a giant towel being rung out. Actually, it kind of looks like a lightsaber being rung out when rendered in French futurist fashion. [Download High-Res]

The Shard


Renzo Piano's jagged masterpiece near London Bridge—which also happens to be an exhibitionist's wet dream—was Europe's tallest building for only a few months. Trystram's rendition, however, will be Europe's most Mordor-like building for all time. [Download High-Res]

Transamerica Pyramid


Completed in 1972, San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid is quite possibly the most futuristic skyscraper of them all, since it anticipated or even inspired so many forward-looking trends since. It's a testament to the design that the 1980s futurist rendition of the tower looks so much like the original. [Download High Res]

Two International Finance Center


This four-building development on Hong Kong's waterfront is home to some of the highest hotel rooms on Earth. Perhaps that's why Trystram decided to hit Two International Finance Center with a sunrise effect instead of the Rad Racer nighttime effect he favors in his other illustrations. Either way, it's definitely a view I'd like to wake up to. [Download High Res]

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