Moshi Studio's excellent take on Game of Thrones fan art wowed us last year - but this set of Cosplayers at the last two Dragon Cons have taken the excellent idea from that art and made it real, and the results are smashing.

The pictures come from Adam J Albert - who also cosplayed the amazing 80's White Walker above, as well as Jon Snow below - and really show off how each cosplayer faithfully captured the details of each bit of artwork:

Terry Jo as Brienne of Tarth

No Leave as Arya Stark

Adi Katkam as Streetfightin' Oberyn Martell (Somebody, for the love of god, get Pedro Pascal to recreate this in real life)

Adam J Albert as Jon Snow

I'm not entirely sure how we've reached the point where you can cosplay fan art of a TV show, but you can ponder that whilst you check out the rest of the great images in the Facebook Album below.

[Facebook, via Fashionably Geek]

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