A Baby Monitor App Captured the Adorable Truth of What Happens When a Toddler Is Trying to Sleep

Say it with me now: Hahahawwwwwhahah. This awesome toddler is named Jude and this video shows what he's actually doing when his parents shut off the lights and try to make him sleep. It's punishingly adorable.

Jude's parents came up with the hilarious idea to see what their kid does when he's "trying to sleep" and found out from a baby monitor on their iPad that he was purposefully belly flopping/face planting himself into his bed. It all started when they heard "a little scuffle" coming out from his room. So awesome.

This kid has no fear! This kid is the next extreme sports star! In all seriousness though, his form really is impeccable. [Our Baby JB via BoingBoing]

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Kathie Hagen

Is it just me? Why is the child in his crib if he's not asleep? Why would a parent leave their baby alone like that & just expect them to go to sleep because "it's naptime?" Is it the mom that keeps asking, "Why?" Why is the child doing this? Because he's not tired! He's not going to go to sleep. Don't force your child into an artificial sleep "schedule." It doesn't work. And this child could be seriously injured doing the face-plant thing that dad thinks is so comical. I recommend this book http://www.amazon.com/The-Family-Bed-Tine-Thevenin/dp/039952729X. The whole family will rest much easier.