A Brief Survey of Recent Tape-Based Anamorphic Illusions

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With just a roll or two of painters tape, some patience, and a willingness to forfeit the respectability of their apartments (except, maybe, from a single perspective), some clever artists have created a very impressive collection of tape-based illusions.


Earlier today, Boing Boing posted this neat Back to the Future-inspired piece featuring an impressively detailed DeLorean rendered with painters tape. Kudos to YouTube user Wablamo for immortalizing everyone's favorite time traveling automobile in such an appropriately mind-boggling medium.

But the true hero of the anamorphic painters tape illusion is a YouTube user who goes by the name of BrussPup. I've watched BrussPup evolve over these last few weeks from his first experiments in the form—when he was, indeed, just a pup—up through our current moment in which BrussPup stands as a titan of tape-based illusions.

But let's start back with his humble beginnings. BrussPup's first piece, "X Room Illusion!," was a relatively simple undertaking but it betrayed the artist's natural ability for this particular endeavor:

A week later, we were treated to "Crazy Cube Illusion!," a more complex, confident effort that garnered a corresponding increase in YouTube views and blog notoriety:

Emboldened, BrussPup quickly offered up his next piece, "Pac-man Illusion!," which was noteworthy for spanning all the way down his hallway and incorporating a piece reflected by a mirror, which just piled extra mind-boggling on top of the regular mind-blogging to which we had grown accustomed:

BrussPup's most recent piece, "Nintendo Illusion!," is certainly his most ambitious effort to date. In this illusion, which took BrussPup fifteen hours to complete, blacklights and white paper were employed to create a glowing Nintendo controller:

There's no telling what's next in the world of tape-based anamorphic illusions. Has BrussPup retired his tape roll forever? Will Wablamo usurp his title as preeminent anamoprhic illusionist? We'll just have to wait, squint our eyes, scratch our heads, and see. [BrussPup's YouTube Channel and Boing Boing]



can u just point a old school "overhead projector" at a location like this, with your stencil of choice, then tape where the light is projecting? I have never tried just curious