A Brilliant Dark Knight Tumbler Model, Complete With Batman To Drive It

Okay, sure, it's not remote controlled and packed with an absurd amount of technology like the last Tumbler we featured, but Dragon Models (yes those of the creepy Ultron model)' latest Comic kit is still gorgeous to behold. And it even comes with Dragon's first actual action figure!


The model is currently on display for the first time at the Nuremburg Toy Fair, but Dragon have put out a bunch of promotional pictures to show off the 1/9-scaled vehicle in all it's glory. Not only is is packed with detail on both the inside and out, it comes with a matching Batman - but unlike all the other models in Dragons 'Action Hero Vignette' line, he is fully articulated, letting you not only pose bats however you'd want, but you it also means you can open up the cockpit of the Tumbler and sit him in the driver's seat. Pretty neat!

The Dark Knight looks significantly less intimidating posed like this though. I kind of the love the serious face sculpt combined with the lack lustre body language. You sort of expect to hear a half hearted 'I am the Night, yeah whatever' out of him.


Such prettiness, alas, comes with a hefty price tag - Hobby Link Japan are currently taking preorders for the kit ahead of its March release for a whopping 46,400 Yen, which is just shy of $400. Between this, the R/C one, the Lego set... what is it with ludicrously cool/expensive Tumblers?


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