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A Bumper Won't Keep Your Dropped iPhone 4 Safe

Illustration for article titled A Bumper Wont Keep Your Dropped iPhone 4 Safe

While Apple's Bumper is a decent way to prevent iPhone 4 reception problems, it unfortunately—and somewhat obviously—doesn't keep the device all that safe if it takes a fall.


The NYT's Nick Bilton discovered this sad fact earlier after dropping a Bumper-clad iPhone 4 onto concrete. Thankfully for Nick, the device he was using is a loaner unit from Apple—provided for a review—and not his personal gadget, but the lesson is the same: Be careful, because the odds of any case or wrap preventing the fragile iPhone 4 glass from shattering aren't great.


Image used with permission from Nick Bilton

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The iphone is like driving an exotic car. If you crash its going to be bad times. Which is why you be careful.