A Camper Van Toaster: Because Even Hippies Love Toast

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There are two approaches when it comes to stocking a kitchen: You can find yourself the best multi-purpose tools, appliances, and other accessories that might cost a little more, but promise to keep your drawers and counters free of clutter. Or, you can embrace every single cheap novelty gadget and knick-knack that are primarily designed to be fun or cute. Can you guess which category this camper van toaster falls into?

That being said, everyone has room for a toaster on their kitchen counters, and if it's going to be on display all day long why not go with something fun? Though not officially endorsed by Volkswagen, there's no mistaking this fun $57 toaster for the van that served as the poster child for the hippy movement. And when you think of it, everyone from buttoned-down corporate types to free spirits loves toast, so what better symbol could there be to brown your bread? [TheFowndry via The Red Ferret Journal]