A Carbon Fiber Stapler Is Definitely More Lustworthy Than a Swingline

In recent years carbon fiber has developed a nasty habit of turning up in places it really doesn't belong. Its woven black finish might look neat on a mousepad, but the ultralight material should stick to places it really belongs like on high-performance race cars, in any product coming from the aerospace industry, and office supplies—definitely office supplies.

Instead of asking yourself if a carbon fiber-covered stapler is worth $80, you should be asking yourself how you've managed to stay productive at work all these years without one on your desk. The truth is, you've probably been on the brink of being fired while you struggled to staple document after document using an antiquated (and needlessly heavy) Swingline model. This beast can chomp through a stack of 15 sheets with ease, and come the end of the day you won't find yourself heading home with painful stapler's arm. [Carbon Fiber Gear via The Awesomer]


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